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Dual-wavelength photoacoustic imaging of a photoswitchable reporter protein

Dortay, H., Märk, J., Wagener, A., Zhang, E., Grötzinger, C., Hildebrandt, P., Friedrich, T. and Laufer, J.

Proc. SPIE 9708, 970820-970820-7. 2016

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Adhesion-Induced Domain Formation in Multicomponent Membranes

Steinkühler, J., Lipowsky, R., Hildebrandt, P. and Dimova, R.

Biophysical Journal 106, 287a -. 2014

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Rubber Soul – The Investigation of Rubber by Vibrational Spectroscopy

Haider, K. S., Hildebrandt, P., Velazquez Escobar, F. and Zebger, I.

Future Talks 011, Technology and Conservation of Modern Materials in Design 2013

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Studies on protein/substrate interaction of type II NADH: quinone oxidoreductase from Escherichia coli

Batista, A. P. S. J. S. F. V. P. L. A. P. Z. I. H. P. P. M. M.

Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1817, S51-S51. 2012

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Investigation of Channelrhodopsin-2 mutants using resonance Raman spectroscopy

Bruun, S. N. H. K. U. S. C. H. P. H. P.

Eur. Biophys. J. 40, 166-167. 2011

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Investigation of Channelrhodopsin-2 mutants using resonance Raman spectroscopy

Bruun, S., Naumann, H., Kuhlmann, U., Schulz, C., Hegemann, P. and Hildebrandt, P.

European Biophysics Journal With Biophysics Letters 40, Hungarian Biophys Soc; European Biophys Soc Assoc. 2011

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Flexibility and plasticity of the structures of cytochromes P450 as a property determining their function

Anzenbacher, P., Anzenbacherova, E., Hendrychova, T., Otyepka, M., Hudecek, J., Hildebrandt, P. and Lange, R.

FEBS J. 276, 26. 2009

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Elucidation of the chromophore structure in phytochrome- a combined resonance Raman spectroscopic and theoretical approach

Von Stetten, D., G�nther, M., Kaminski, S., Scheerer, P., Krau�, N., Lamparter, T., Forest, K. T., Vierstra, R. D., G�rtner, W., Murgida, D. H., Mroginski, M. A. and Hildebrandt, P.

Proc. XXIst Int. Conf. Raman Spectrosc.. IM Pub. , 127-129. 2008

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Electron transfer dynamics of cytochrome c immobilised an coated silver and silver-gold hybrid electrodes studied by SERR spectroscopy

Weidinger, I., Feng, J. J., Sezer, M., Kuhlmann, U., Murgida, D. H. and Hildebrandt, P.

Proc. XXIst Int. Conf. Raman Spectrosc.. IM pub , 358-359. 2008

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Mutation of D197 and H250 to alanine in the chromophore binding pocket of Agp1 phytochrome lowers the chromophore pKa and prevents the formation of the Pfr form

Seibeck, S., von Stetten, D., Michael, N., Scheerer, P., Mroginski, M. A., Murgida, D. H., Krauss, N., Heyn, M. P., Hildebrandt, P., Borucki, B. and Lamparter, T.

Biophys. J. , 315A. 2007

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Resonance Raman spectroscopy for in-situ monitoring of radiation damage

Meents, A., Owen, R. L., Murgida, D. H., Hildebrandt, P., Schneider, R., Pradervand, C. and Schulze-Briese, C.

AIP Conf. Proc. , 1984-1988. 2007

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Entschlüsselung des Photozyklus des Phytochroms

Von Stetten, D., Hildebrandt, P. and Mroginski, M. A.

GIT , 832-835. 2005

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Electric Fields Effects on Interfacial Charge Transfer Processes Probed by Time-resolved Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

Murgida, D. H., Rivas, L. and Hildebrandt, P.

Proc. XVIIIth Int. Conf. Raman Spectrosc.. Wiley , 765-766. 2002

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Can electric fields control electron transfer in proteins?

Murgida, D. H. and Hildebrandt, P.

J. Inorg. Biochem. 86, 350. 2001

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