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The structure of the biliverdin cofactor in the Pfr state of bathy and prototypical phytochromes
Zitatschlüssel Salewski2013a
Autor Salewski, J. and Velazquez, F. and Kaminski, S. and von Stetten, D. and Keidel, A. and Rippers, Y. and Michael, N. and Scheerer, P. and Piwowarski, P. and Bartl, F. and Frankenberg-Dinkel, N. and Ringsdorf, S. and Gärtner, W. and Lamparter, T. and Mroginski, M. A. and Hildebrandt, P.
Seiten 16800-16814
Jahr 2013
Journal Journal of Biological Chemistry
Jahrgang 288
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