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Resonance Raman-spectroscopic study of metallochlorin aggregates - implications for the supramolecular structure in chlorosomal bchl-c antennae of green bacteria
Zitatschlüssel ISI:A1994MY35500037
Autor Hildebrandt, P and Tamiaki, H and Holzwarth, A and Schaffner, K
Seiten 2192-2197
Jahr 1994
ISSN 0022-3654
Adresse 1155 16TH ST, NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20036
Journal J. Phys. Chem.
Jahrgang 98
Nummer 8
Monat FEB 24
Zusammenfassung {The resonance Raman spectra of several synthetic Zn and Mg chlorins were measured in nonpolar solvents in order to characterize the structural elements required for oligomerization of BChl c in chlorosomes of green bacteria. The stretching vibrations of the chlorin and the conjugated keto group were analyzed in terms of the coordination state of the metal ion and the inter- and intramolecular interactions of the C=O group, respectively. In the monomeric Zn chlorin the free carbonyl group gives rise to bands at ca. 1700 cm(-1). In the presence of hydrogen bond donors these bands shift down by about 30 cm(-1). Bands of covalently linked bis(metallochlorins) in the range 1640-1660 cm(-1) are assigned to a special hydrogen-bonded ketone
Typ der Publikation Article
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