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Resonance Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of the [NiFe] Active Site and the Proximal [4Fe-3S] Cluster of an O-2-Tolerant Membrane-Bound Hydrogenase in the Crystalline State
Zitatschlüssel Siebert2015
Autor Siebert, Elisabeth and Rippers, Yvonne and Frielingsdorf, Stefan and Fritsch, Johannes and Schmidt, Andrea and Kalms, Jacqueline and Katz, Sagie and Lenz, Oliver and Scheerer, Patrick and Paasche, Lars and Pelmenschikov, Vladimir and Kuhlmann, Uwe and Mroginski, Maria Andrea and Zebger, Ingo and Hildebrandt, Peter
Seiten 13785–13796
Jahr 2015
DOI 10.1021/acs.jpcb.5b04119
Journal Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Jahrgang 119
Nummer 43
Monat oct
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