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Accelerated Photo-Induced Degradation of Benzidine-p-Aminothiophenolate Immobilized at Light-Enhancing TiO2 Nanotube Electrodes
Zitatschlüssel Querebillo2019
Autor Querebillo, Christine Joy and Öner, Ibrahim Halil and Hildebrandt, Peter and Ly, Khoa Hoang and Weidinger, Inez M.
Seiten 16048-16053
Jahr 2019
DOI 10.1002/chem.201902963
Journal Chemistry – A European Journal
Jahrgang 25
Nummer 70
Zusammenfassung Abstract Herein, the enhanced visible-light-induced degradation of the azo-dye benzidine-p-aminothiophenolate immobilized on TiO2 nanotube electrodes is reported. Exploiting the reported photonic properties of the TiO2 support and the strong electronic absorption of the dye allowed for employing surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy at 413 nm to simultaneously trigger the photoreaction and follow the time-dependent decay process. Degradation rate constants of up to 25 s−1 were observed, which stand among the highest reported values for laser-induced degradation of immobilized dyes on photonically active supports. Contrast experiments with two differently light-enhancing TiO2 nanotube electrodes establish the direct correlation of the material's optical response, that is, electromagnetic field enhancement, on the interfacial photocatalytic reaction.
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