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Novel Au-Ag Hybrid Device for Electrochemical SE(R)R Spectroscopy in a Wide Potential and Spectral Range
Zitatschlüssel ISI:000262519100056
Autor Feng, Jiu-Ju and Gernert, Ulrich and Sezer, Murat and Kuhlmann, Uwe and Murgida, Daniel H. and David, Christin and Richter, Marten and Knorr, Andreas and Hildebrandt, Peter and Weidinger, Inez M.
Seiten 298-303
Jahr 2009
ISSN 1530-6984
DOI 10.1021/nl802934u
Adresse 1155 16TH ST, NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20036 USA
Journal Nano Lett.
Jahrgang 9
Nummer 1
Monat JAN
Zusammenfassung A nanostructured gold-silver-hybrid electrode for SER spectroelectrochemistry was developed which advantageously combines the electrochemical properties and chemical stability of Au and the strong surface enhancement of (resonance) Raman scattering by Ag. The layered device consists of a massive nanoscopically rough Ag electrode, a thin (2 nm) organic layer, and a ca. 20 nm thick Au film that may be coated by self-assembled monolayers for protein adsorption. The SERR-spectroscopic and electrochemical performance of this device is demonstrated using the heme protein cytochrome c as a benchmark model system, thereby extending, for the first time, SE(R)R studies of molecules on Au surfaces to excitation in the violet spectral range. The enhancement factor is only slightly lower than for Ag electrodes which can be rationalized in terms of an efficient transfer of plasmon resonance excitation from the Ag to the Au coating. This mechanism, which requires a thin dielectric layer between the two metals, is supported by theoretical calculations.
Typ der Publikation Article
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