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Discrimination of Green Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans by Raman Spectroscopy [29]

Keidel, A., von Stetten, D., Rodrigues, C., Maguas, C. and Hildebrandt, P.


Download Bibtex Eintrag [30]

Image dipoles approach to the local field enhancement in nanostructured Ag-Au hybrid devices [31]

David, C., Richter, M., Knorr, A., Weidinger, I. M. and Hildebrandt, P.

J.Chem. Phys. 132 2010

Download Bibtex Eintrag [32]

Ultraviolet resonance Raman enhancement of the carboxylate and guanidinium groups in amino-acids [33]

Hildebrandt, P., Czernuszewicz, R. S., Grygon, C. A. and Spiro, T. G.

J. Raman Spec. 20, 645-650. 1989

Download Bibtex Eintrag [34]

Enhancement factor of surface-enhanced Raman-scattering on silver and gold surfaces upon near-infrared excitation - indication of an unusual strong contribution of the chemical effect [35]

Hildebrandt, P., Keller, S., Hoffmann, A. and Vanhecke, F. A. S. B.

J. Raman Spec. 24, 791-796. 1993

Download Bibtex Eintrag [36]

Novel cylindrical rotating electrode for anaerobic surface-enhanced Raman-spectroscopy [37]

Hildebrandt, P., Macor, K. A. and Czernuszewicz, R. S.

J. Raman Spec. 19, 65-69. 1988

Download Bibtex Eintrag [38]

Surface enhanced resonance Raman-study on fluorescein dyes [39]

Hildebrandt, P. and Stockburger, M.

J. Raman Spec. 17, 55-58. 1986

Download Bibtex Eintrag [40]

Fourier transform near-infrared resonance Raman spectroscopic study of the α-subunit of phycoerythrocyanin and phycocyanin from the cyanobacterium Mastigocladus laminosus [41]

Kneip, C., Parbel, A., Foerstendorf, H., Scheer, H., Siebert, F. and Hildebrandt, P.

J. Raman Spec. 29, 939-944. 1998

Download Bibtex Eintrag [42]

Potential-dependent surface enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy of cytochrome c(552) from Thermus thermophilus [43]

Lecomte, S., Wackerbarth, H., Hildebrandt, P., Soulimane, T. and Buse, G.

J. Raman Spec. 29, 687-692. 1998

Download Bibtex Eintrag [44]

Resonance Raman spectroscopic study of the neutral flavin radical complex of DNA photolyase from Escherichia coli [45]

Murgida, D. H., Schleicher, E., Bacher, A., Richter, G. and Hildebrandt, P.

J. Raman Spec. 32, 551-556. 2001

Download Bibtex Eintrag [46]

Time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy of sensory rhodopsin II in the micro- and millisecond time range using gated cw excitation [47]

Naumann, H., Murgida, D. H., Engelhard, M., Klare, J. P. and Hildebrandt, P.

J. Raman Spec. 37, 436-441. 2006

Download Bibtex Eintrag [48]

Comparative vibrational analysis of thyronine hormones using infrared and Raman spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations [49]

Alvarez, R. M. S., Farias, R. N. and Hildebrandt, P.

J. Raman Spec. 35, 947-955. 2004

Download Bibtex Eintrag [50]

Electrochemical Response of Cytochrome c Immobilized on Smooth and Roughened Silver and Gold Surfaces Chemically Modified with 11-Mercaptounodecanoic Acid [51]

Millo, D., Ranieri, A., Gross, P., Ly, H. K., Borsari, M., Hildebrandt, P., Wuite, G. J. L., Gooijer, C. and van der Zwan, G.

J. Phys. Chem. C 113, 2861-2866. 2009

Download Bibtex Eintrag [52]

Electrosynthesis of SER-Active Silver Nanopillar Electrode Arrays [53]

Feng, J.-J., Lu, Y.-H., Gernert, U., Hildebrandt, P. and Murgida, D. H.

J. Phys. Chem. C 114, 7280-7284. 2010

Download Bibtex Eintrag [54]

Dynamics of the heterogeneous electron-transfer reaction of cytochrome c(552) from Thermus thermophilus. A time-resolved surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopic study [55]

Lecomte, S., Hildebrandt, P. and Soulimane, T.

J. Phys. Chem. B 103, 10053-10064. 1999

Download Bibtex Eintrag [56]

Substrate Binding to a Nitrite Reductase Induces a Spin Transition [57]

Martins, G., Rodrigues, L., Cunha, F. M., Matos, D., Hildebrandt, P., Murgida, D. H., Pereira, I. A. C. and Todorovic, S.

J. Phys. Chem. B 114, 5563-5566. 2010

Download Bibtex Eintrag [58]

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