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Raman spectroscopy

The Raman spectroscopic equipment includes confocal Raman spectrometers (LabRam, JY) and a spectrograph equipped with a confocal entrance, all linked to CCD detection systems. Cw Ar ion and cw Kr ion lasers serve as excitation sources providing discrete lines between 350 and 700 nm, complemented by cw lines from various solid state lasers. Pulsed laser excitation of tunable wavelength (7 ns) is provided by an Nd-YAG laser pumping an OPO system. A Fourier-transform Raman spectrometer is used with cw-excitation at 1064 nm (Nd-YAG laser). Sample devices allow for measurements of solutions (static and time-resolved), solids (including crystals), and surfaces at ambient and low temperature as well as in electrochemical environments.


Infrared spectroscopy

The IR spectroscopic labs are equipped with several FT IR spectrometers for static measurements in a wide temperature range and time-resolved step scan and rapid scan experiments. Various accessories are available for transmission and attenuated total reflectance (ATR) measurements of solutions, solids, as well as surfaces species, at various gas atmospheres and temperatures. Special set-ups are designed for spectro-electrochemically investigations.


Further spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques

Various setups for static and time-resolved UV/vis-absorption- and fluorescence spectroscopy, cw-EPR/ENDOR spectroscopy and electrochemical methods.


Fermentation, protein purification, molecular biology, protein crystallisation

Standard facilities and equipment are used for bacteria growth and fermentation as well as for protein isolation and purification. Various S1 laboratories allow for utilizing molecular biology methods to (over-)express proteins.


Computational facilities

Standard quantum chemical calculations of low computational costs are carried out on desktop PCs. For more demanding calculations we use facilities provided by the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences and the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum in Berlin.


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