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Gerdes, B., Rixen, R. M., Kramer, K., Forbrig, E., Hildebrandt, P. and Steinem, C. (2018). Quantification of Hv1-induced proton translocation by a lipid-coupled Oregon Green 488-based assay. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 6497–6505.

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Fiege, K., Querebillo, C. J., Hildebrandt, P. and Frankenberg-Dinkel, N. (2018). Improved Method for the Incorporation of Heme Cofactors into Recombinant Proteins Using Escherichia coli Nissle 1917. Biochemistry, 2747-2755.

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Song, W., Hildebrandt, P. and Weidinger, I. M. (2018). Plasmonic Cu/CuCl/Cu2S/Ag and Cu/CuCl/Cu2S/Au Supports with Peroxidase-Like Activity: Insights from Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie. De Gruyter, 1541 - 1550.

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Forbrig, E., Staffa, J. K., Salewski, J., Mroginski, M. A., Hildebrandt, P. and Kozuch, J. (2018). Monitoring the Orientational Changes of Alamethicin during Incorporation into Bilayer Lipid Membranes. Langmuir, 2373-2385.

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Buhrke, D., Kuhlmann, U., Michael, N. and Hildebrandt, P. (2018). The Photoconversion of Phytochrome Includes an Unproductive Shunt Reaction Pathway. ChemPhysChem, 566-570.

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Bacalzo, N. P., Go, L. P., Querebillo, C. J., Hildebrandt, P., Limpoco, F. T. and Enriquez, E. P. (2018). Controlled Microwave-Hydrolyzed Starch as a Stabilizer for Green Formulation of Aqueous Gold Nanoparticle Ink for Flexible Printed Electronics. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 1247-1256.

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Antonello, A., Benedetti, C., Pérez-Pla, F. F., Kokkinopoulou, M., Kirchhoff, K., Fischer, V., Landfester, K., Gross, S. and Muñoz-Espí, R. (2018). Colloidally Confined Crystallization of Highly Efficient Ammonium Phosphomolybdate Catalysts. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 23174-23186.

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Buhrke, D., Tavraz, N. N., Shcherbakova, D. M., Sauthof, L., Moldenhauer, M., Escobar, F. V., Verkhusha, V. V., Hildebrandt, P. and Friedrich, T. (2019). Chromophore binding to two cysteines increases quantum yield of near-infrared fluorescent proteins. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS

Caterino, M., Herrmann, M., Merlino, A., Riccardi, C., Montesarchio, D., Mroginski, M. A., Musumeci, D., Ruffo, F., Paduano, L., Hildebrandt, P., Kozuch, J. and Vergara, A. (2019). On the pH-Modulated Ru-Based Prodrug Activation Mechanism. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 1216-1223.

Luck, M., Velázquez Escobar, F., Glass, K., Sabotke, M.-I., Hagedorn, R., Corellou, F., Siebert, F., Hildebrandt, P. and Hegemann, P. (2019). Photoreactions of the Histidine Kinase Rhodopsin Ot-HKR from the Marine Picoalga Ostreococcus tauri. Biochemistry, 1878-1891.

Querebillo, C. J., Öner, I. H., Hildebrandt, P., Ly, K. H. and Weidinger, I. M. (2019). Accelerated Photo-Induced Degradation of Benzidine-p-Aminothiophenolate Immobilized at Light-Enhancing TiO2 Nanotube Electrodes. Chemistry – A European Journal, 16048-16053.

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Fernandez Lopez, M., Nguyen, A. D., Velazquez Escobar, F., González, R., Michael, N., Nogacz, Ż., Piwowarski, P., Bartl, F., Siebert, F., Heise, I., Scheerer, P., Gärtner, W., Mroginski, M. A. and Hildebrandt, P. (2019). Role of the Propionic Side Chains for the Photoconversion of Bacterial Phytochromes. Biochemistry, 3504-3519.

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Götz, R., Ly, K. H., Wrzolek, P., Dianat, A., Croy, A., Cuniberti, G., Hildebrandt, P., Schwalbe, M. and Weidinger, I. M. (2019). Influence of Mesityl and Thiophene Peripheral Substituents on Surface Attachment, Redox Chemistry, and ORR Activity of Molecular Iron Porphyrin Catalysts on Electrodes. Inorganic Chemistry, 10637-10647.

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Mohamed-Raseek, N., Duan, H. D., Hildebrandt, P., Mroginski, M. A. and Miller, A.-F. (2019). Spectroscopic, thermodynamic and computational evidence of the locations of the FADs in the nitrogen fixation-associated electron transfer flavoprotein. Chem. Sci.. The Royal Society of Chemistry, 7762-7772.

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Gkogkou, D., Shaykhutdinov, T., Kratz, C., Oates, T. W. H., Hildebrandt, P., Weidinger, I. M., Ly, K. H., Esser, N. and Hinrichs, K. (2019). Gradient metal nanoislands as a unified surface enhanced Raman scattering and surface enhanced infrared absorption platform for analytics. Analyst. The Royal Society of Chemistry, 5271-5276.

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