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Antonello, A., Benedetti, C., Pérez-Pla, F. F., Kokkinopoulou, M., Kirchhoff, K., Fischer, V., Landfester, K., Gross, S. and Muñoz-Espí, R. (2018). Colloidally Confined Crystallization of Highly Efficient Ammonium Phosphomolybdate Catalysts. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 23174-23186.

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Mroginski, M. A., Murgida, D. H. and Hildebrandt, P. (2007). The chromophore structural changes during the photocycle of phytochrome: A combined resonance raman and quantum chemical approach. Acc. Chem. Res.. AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 258-266.

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