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A High-Valent Heterobimetallic [Cu-III(mu-O)(2)Ni-III](2+) Core with Nucleophilic Oxo Groups
Citation key Kundu2013
Author Kundu, Subrata and Pfaff, Florian Felix and Miceli, Enrico and Zaharieva, Ivelina and Herwig, Christian and Yao, Shenglai and Farquhar, Erik R. and Kuhlmann, Uwe and Bill, Eckhard and Hildebrandt, Peter and Dau, Holger and Driess, Matthias and Limberg, Christian and Ray, Kallol
Pages 5622–5626
Year 2013
DOI 10.1002/anie.201300861
Journal Angewandte Chemie-international Edition
Volume 52
Number 21
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